~ My Best Friend, My Guardian Angel ~

Written by Kristin Donato


She was the girl next door, We loved to play on the swings.

We played every single day, dress up was one of our favorite things.

We grew up together, she became my best friend.

The type you would call everyday

and have sleep over’s with every weekend.

She was so smart and beautiful, outside and in.
I told her all my secrets, she knew everything.

When we got older, we chose different paths.
Although I was worried for her,

I knew our friendship would always last.

I told her not to go that way, but she would not listen.

Then she developed a disease, something called addiction.

This terrible disease, it took over her mind, body and soul.

She did not want to be this way, but she had no control.

I knew who she really was, deep down inside.
That's why I tried to help her, I stuck by her side.

She tried so hard, to help herself in every single way. 

But it was too much pain for her, and God took her soul away.

My best friend is gone, how can this be?
I know that she is better now, but I feel nothing but misery.

Tell me this is all a dream, this can not be true.
We were supposed to go get coffee Ally, like we would always do.

I guess God needed her, so he took her away.
It's just not fair to me, I had so much more to say.

I hope she is not suffering anymore, I hope her disease has past.

I hope she has no more pain, now the memories must last.

So rest in peace my angel, you will truly be missed.

 I just didn't think the last time I saw you,

I'd give you my last kiss.

 ~ You Don’t Know Me ~
Written by Allyson Joyce

 You think you really know me,
Sorry to say you’re wrong.

You think I deal with everything,
But I’m just not that strong.

You say my life’s so perfect,
But that’s just an illusion

You don’t know the hurt,
The tears and the confusion.

You see, I’m just a fake,
No one knows the real me.

I plaster on this smile
And transform to my false identity

But behind all my laughter,
Lays my many fears.

And though I may be smiling,
Inside I’m filled with tears.

~Just Another Day ~
Written by Allyson Joyce

It's just another day to live through the pain, Another day that every thing's just the same.

It's just another hit to the face,
Another story filled with lies and disgrace.

It can't make me fall if I'm already down,
It's just another day when it's all around.

It's just one more lie on top of them all,
It's just another day I'm too weak to stand tall.

Just another day I'll try to forgive and forget,
Just another day I'll live to regret.

Just another day I want to crumble to dirt,
Just another day but I'm getting used to the hurt.

~Twisted Illusions ~
Written by Allyson Joyce

Twisted illusions cloud my head,
as I am constantly reminded by the imprint

of my soul.

I struggle through the loneliness,
Longing to just once again feel whole.
The ghost of my being forever strikes me down,
and I drown in my emotion.

I so often regret my lack of judgment,
How I so openly handed you my devotion.
And I now live with it each passing day,
Always knowing how weak I have become.

The memories haunt me and keep me awake,

reminding me of how it is never fully done.
My heart still proceeds to break,
and I don't know how much longer I can pretend.

When will the hurt stop coming?

When will it all just end?

~ Mrs. Heroin ~

Written by Allyson Joyce in 2004

He said he'd never love someone else, he lied.
He said he'd never make me hurt, I cried.

She takes away his pain like I never could,
And she makes him feel like I never would.

He gets chills when she's not around and,
When he feels lost she makes him feel found.

As long as he wants, she'll stay by his side,
If he's feeling empty, she'll fill him inside.

She will see sides of him, I'll never see,
She'll mean things to him, I'll never be.

For her he'll always go out of his way,
He lives for her, day after day.

He said he would leave her,

but they’re even closer than before,
She leaves him wanting and begging for more.

She took his whole soul, his feelings & heart,
She smiled at him, and said...

"Till death do us part".

Can U Hear Me Foundation

In Memory of Allyson Joyce

09/22/86 ~ 03/25/08